Let's Talk About Local Libraries

Every time, I see a bookstore closure sign, a little piece of me dies. And now it looks like, local libraries might just be on the verge of becoming extinct. You might have heard a lot recently about how local libraries are in danger. Many libraries are struggling due to a lack of funding, making it more difficult for them to offer their services to the community.

Saves You Money

One of the best things about libraries is that they help people save money. When I moved to the US, my local library was my happy place. I could not believe the number of book and movies readily available, free of cost. And people who can't afford books get access to them too.

You Support Authors By Borrowing Books

Borrowing books from the library supports authors too. Did you know that they get paid a small amount each time someone borrows one of their books, and of course, are paid when a library copy is purchased.

Helps People Learn

Libraries are ultimately places of learning. They can make educational opportunities accessible to everyone. As well as having events like readings or book clubs, they also often host language courses, computer courses, and other educational events. And that's on top of being able to borrow books and use their computers.

Community Spaces

If you want to be more engaged with your local community, visiting your library is an excellent way to do it. Libraries are great community spaces that people can use in a variety of ways.

 A lot of libraries have beautifully transitioned into e-libraries as well. They have an amazingly updated collection of eBooks. So, there's no excuse not to borrow books. It's just a tap away or a short drive, if you like your books the old-fashioned way. If you have a library close to your home, please support it. 

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