Of impromptu picnics and dead blogs

They say, dance like no one's watching, to encourage you to dance freely. I am going to apply that to writing as well. Write like no one is reading, and in my case, that is literally what it is. It is nice to see the word literally being used in the right sense. You are welcome. As I said, I used to have readers, some disappeared from the blogosphere, some moved on to Instagram and got used to reading and writing long captions, and some just gave up on me because of my inconsistent posts. I don't blame them either. I am tired of my inconsistency too.

The point of all that rambling was to say that I am finally sitting in front of my laptop and I have decided to write more. Let us not get super excited, because we are talking about me here. The person who hasn't written anything new in over a year.

Last Sunday, the husband and I decided to go to a park and picnic. Ok, fine, it was more of me nagging him and him saying fine, whatever. And I put together a picnic basket in under 20 minutes, and efficiently too because we didn't have to turn around even once because I had forgotten something as important as a picnic blanket. Although, a second blanket would have definitely helped, because one of us had grass stains on one half of their shorts, because the blanket did not fit both of us. But besides that, it was a fun day to just lie on the grass (literally!) and stare at the sky and forget for a bit about what is going on in the world.

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