Lootera's Gorgeous Dalhousie House

Monday, February 1, 2016

I am obsessed with houses, beautiful houses, houses in any form, shape and size. And when I watch a movie or a TV show, I pay a lot of attention to the homes featured in them. I literally remember all the homes and their floor plans featured in my favorite movies and TV shows.

I finally watched Lootera and since this is not a movie review, I won't say much about the movie, except that this would be one of those classics that we will go back to, even after 20 years. Now, I want to talk about the house that was featured in the second half of this movie. I fell in love with this cottage. It had me at verandah.

And after some research serious googling, I found out that this was not a movie set but an actually place in Dalhousie called Kalatop Forest Rest House. The bungalow is used for Government officials and "VIPs" but sometimes, it is also given to tourists for rent.  

Here are some of the pics and hopefully, you'll also fall in love with the decor, the floor plan and the entire house like I did. After all, who can resist gorgeous hardwood floors, right? Or is it just me?!

                             This is the cottage nestled between the trees. Isn't that beautiful?

How gorgeous is this entrance with the little patio. And the view isn't too bad either. I just can't not have both summer AND fall pics of this main entrance.

This is what you see when you enter through the front door. The bungalow was built in 1925 and the movie was set in 1954, but I would still have this furniture any day over IKEA. It has an open concept, in that the living room and the dining area are together and I was pleasantly surprised considering the time period it was built in. But yes, the kitchen is not open. 

Not a fan of floral designs on couches, but this one just goes with the entire decor. And look at that gorgeous hardwood flooring.

And right behind the sofa is the little dining nook and I can't help but stare at Ranveer that gorgeous chest of drawers. 

 And as if that wasn't enough to love the living room, there's even this huge fireplace, and not just a fireplace but a STONE fireplace :D

I couldn't quite figure out where the kitchen is, but if you guys do, please let me know. Not knowing where the kitchen is placed on the floor plan is driving me crazy.

Now let's move on to the bedroom. I sound like a realtor/tour guide now ;) The bedroom/study is so spacious, with so many windows that allows for natural light into the room.

No, you are not imagining things, but there is a SECOND stone fireplace in the bedroom. And that floor! 

I just HAD to show you the stone fireplace, up close!

This is the study area of the bedroom, with that gorgeous table. I wish I had that, maybe then I'll be inspired to post a little more regularly on my blog ;p 

If you are wondering where the bed and the fireplace are, they are close to where the floor lamp is.

 Love the lace curtains and the natural sunlight pouring into the house.

One last shot of the exterior of the house.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Are you also as intrigued by the floor plans of  TV/movie homes? If so, what are your favorite houses? 

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  1. Hey! You have covered it all, beautifully! Just one question. Did you find that tree, which loses all its leaves and then Ranveer adds one which Sonakshi sees during the climax?