2015: The Most Overused/Annoying Words That Need To Go In 2016


2015 was the year when people didn't know when to stop. And it was true the most with (some) words. These are the words that has been done to death and that everyone needs to stop using in 2016. Please?



Things I Don't Bother Googling a.k.a Things I Don't Care About

I confess I am an obsessive compulsive googler. Like, I don't even trust my husband on some facts and I have resorted to google for the "right" answer. "Google before husband"..That should go on a T-shirt, right?! So, when I write about "Things I don't bother googling", it's HUGE, you guys! Hopefully, you'll listen to me and use that time to google about other important things like "Why does Santa live in the North Pole?"..I mean seriously, couldn't he have picked a warm place like Florida or something. Back to my list..Here goes..


Social Media, Deepika Padukone and The Holidays

Tanvi joins me on this episode and we talk about our holiday traditions, the evolution of Deepika Padukone and wonder if social media has made us more cynical. 

Things we talk about:

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