2015: The Most Overused/Annoying Words That Need To Go In 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 was the year when people didn't know when to stop. And it was true the most with (some) words. These are the words that has been done to death and that everyone needs to stop using in 2016. Please?


  • ON FLEEK: It means "on point". And it's in quotes because I am silently mock-hating it. That is not even a word. And if it's not on Oxford Dictionary, it doesn't exist. I am old-fashioned like that. This was the overused word on Instagram and you'd mostly come across this on the comment section below someone's perfectly shaped eyebrows. 
  • BAE:  Bae means "babe/sweetheart/your gf/bf". Poeple who use this word are the ones who text "k" instead of "ok". Like, dropping one word saves you so much time and also makes you cooler. NOT. So, stick to babe, will you? 
  • SQUAD AND GOALS: Squad means a group of friends you hang out with. If "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" was on air now, the six of them would be a squad. Can we go back to using this word for what it was meant to be used for, like a police squad. And another overused words was "goals". You sea an adorable couple and that becomes "relationship goals". No, goals can only be used for sports or for life objectives, and not for selfies. Because #selfiegoals just takes narcissism to a whole another level. 
  • THE FEELS: It means "all the emotions you feel when you see a happy, sad, adorable pic". The problem I have with this word is how lazy people are getting to actually articulate their thoughts. If you see a happy photo, go ahead and say that in a nice, thoughtful way. Don't be lazy and type "The feels" . What does that even mean? Are you trying to cut down on a few letters from "feelings"? 
  • NETFLIX AND CHILL: This apparently means "hooking up with your partner with Netflix in the background". This should be put away because Netflix always gives me a headache as we (hubs and I) cannot come to an agreement on a movie and there are just too many options. So I don't know who these people are who can Netflix and Chill. I am on board only if it is Netflix and Tylenol. 

These are just some of the words, I have a few more, but let's tackle it 5 words at a time? :p Do you have any words that just gets on your nerves? Hopefully, these words will go away, just like totes and amaze balls went away in 2012. Fingers Crossed! :) 

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