Golden Globe Moments 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

I spent three hours (ok..pretty much the entire evening!) watching the Golden Globes and there were all kinds of moments that were played out on the red carpet and on stage. Watching it also reminded me that there are TV shows and movies that I haven't even heard of. Now, that's a first! They have duly gone on my "Things to Binge-Watch in 2016" list;)

From Katy Perry's bump-it to Taraji's cookie are some of the moments I thought were worth writing about. Enjoy!

Moments That Made Me Go Aww:
  • When Sylvester Stallone got his first Golden Globe Award for Best Actor In Supporting Role for Creed and got a standing ovation. And the cherry on top was when he said this on his speech! 
  •  It was good to see Christian Slater after a really long time. Can you tell I don't watch Mr. Robot ;p But, nevertheless it's always good to spot some long-forgotten faces of Hollywood, right? 
  •  When Rose and Jack, ahem..I meant when Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet met at the Red Carpet. Ahhh..The GIFs that can be made and the captions that could be written!

Moments That Made Me Go "What the what?!?!":
  • When Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, the most-recognized BFFs since Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie came on stage to present the award for Best Motion Picture Comedy. They must have spent only two minutes on stage but that left me with questions, oh so many questions. My number question was ofcourse "why is Amy Schumer considered funny?"
  • When Quentin Tarantino went up to accept the award on behalf of Ennio Morricone. Dude, when it's not your award, you are not expected to speak and if you do choose to, let it be about the person on whose behalf you are receiving it and let it not be about YOU. If you must watch his cringe-worthy speech, here it is
Moment That Made Me LOL:  

Leonardo Dicaprio did break the internet with this moment.

Now we know what would happen if anyone is in Lady Gaga's way ;p 

Go ahead and create your own #thatawkwardmoment tweets with this :) 

What were your moments? :)


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