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Local Business: Meet Cris, The Owner Of Santo Brigadeiro, Columbus

Cris - Owner Of Santo Brigadeiro

The Best-Sellers: Coconut, Chocolate and Creme Brulee
Newly Introduced Banana Nut Bread
I met with Cris at her home and we talked about her life before Brigadeiros, her passion and what made her start a business making chocolates in Columbus.

Outline Of The Show: 

  • What brought her to Columbus
  • Reason why she thought Columbus was great place to introduce Brigadeiro
  • How do you pronounce Brigadeiro and the story behind these iconic chocolates
  • How is it served
  • Why Brigadeiros make for great party favors
  • What she is working on right now 
Where to find Santo Brigadeiro: 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/santobrigadeiro614/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/santobrigadeirousa/
Website: https://www.santobrigadeirousa.com/

The Yacker is also available on iTunes :) If you like it, please subscribe :) 

Jerry Before Seinfeld: Netflix Review

I grew up watching a lot of re-runs of Seinfeld. I adore the show and Seinfeld - the character Jerry Seinfeld. I didn't get to know the real Jerry Seinfeld until I started watching his amazing self-explained-in-the-title show Comedians In Car Getting Coffee (Please do watch it!).

I was excited(obviously!) when I heard that Netflix had made a deal with Seinfeld. The one-hour stand-up comedy special is set in The Comic Strip - the comic club where his career started in 1976. Seinfeld takes you through his childhood, his twenties, stand up comedy culture in 70s, 90s NYC. There are scenes where he takes us to his childhood home. The special is a is throwback on his life through old photos and old videos (which also include his appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1981).

The special is filled with Jerry Seinfeld's observational humor. He has stayed true to his style. Some people might argue that he hasn't changed his humor with the times. But, at a time, when stand-up comedy has almost become synonymous with political activism, Seinfeld's comedy is refreshing. He managed to make me laugh even when he was talking about the cliched and now forgotten men-women differences observational comedy and  the-lost-sock comedy.

A lot of his jokes are written in the first five years of his career. There's a scene where he is sitting with rows and rows of his hand-written jokes ever written from 1976 "to today". That captures the essence of the person behind Seinfeld.

I would recommend you watch it, and watch it only if you know-know Seinfeld. Because, this is truly a tribute to his Seinfeld-ness.

Information Overload And The Art Of Decluttering

This year, I have been consciously moving towards minimalism. Before I go further, a little clarification - when I say Minimalism, I don't mean it in the 15-pieces-of-clothing-in-the-wardrobe kind of minimalism. Mine is more of I-will-work-with-what-I-already-have-in-the-wardrobe kind of minimalism. My quest for thus started at the corner of convenience and style. I realized I am not even utilizing 40% of the clothes I have in the wardrobe. Once I was in a happy space with my wardrobe, I realized I am not even utilizing 40% of the information I have stored in my brain.

A little background, I have always been an information gatherer. I am the happiest when I am reading about something. Little did I realize that - what was once considered a great habit- would turn to be the bane of my existence. I have a hundred tabs open on my laptop, a thousand bookmarks of articles I want to read "later", at least 140 liked videos on YouTube that I want to go back to and watch, 45 podcasts I have subscribed to, 200 recipe pins on Pinterest and don't forget all the files and folders I have stored in my brain.

What is the point of it all, if I can't find the information I need when I am in the middle of a conversation with someone. I realized I usually end up with "Sam, What's the name of the movie with that guy from that TV show we watched last Saturday"? My brain is so overloaded with information that it doesn't have the time to absorb and process it.

So, here's what I have decided to do to de-clutter:

- It is OK to miss out:  I was someone who simply had to be on top of every new Tv show, movie or the latest bestseller. it took me some time to realize that it's ok to just say "Oh..I haven't watched that one". Pick a TV show that you enjoy and watch it. It's OK to not know about trending topics on Twitter. And don't worry, you"ll always have other topics to talk about.

- It is OK to not have read every single article on a topic:  I hear about B. I want to know more about B. I look up online about B. Don't go overboard with reading about B. We live in a world where there's too much information (TMI is an acronym we use often for a reason), too many opinions, too much noise. Just say NO to it and stick to reading, maybe just 3 articles on it and let go.

- Have one expert to follow on every topic: For movie reviews, have one expert that you follow. For political opinions, have one or two experts to read on. For makeup videos, follow a couple of bloggers on YouTube. You get the drift. This saves a lot of time.

I am still learning. Instead of 20 tabs on the laptop, I have come down to 5 :p It's a start :) Let me know how you declutter?

Write Like No One Is Reading

Every single day, I sit in front of my computer and wonder what to write about, and I come up with nothing.  

Should I write about this, I wonder, but, what if someone takes offense? What if my writing isn't good enough? And who would want to read my blog anyway when there are a million other blogs out there? 
Should I write about this topic? I am not qualified enough to write on this topic. And what if they think I am being vain? And what if that person thinks it's about them. What if they judge me based on my writing? What if I'm not as funny as I think I am? Will people find me boring? 

These are the things that go through my head. Every single day, when I sit in front of my computer and wonder what to write about.

Dance like nobody is watching, they say. Maybe that applies to writing too. Write like nobody is reading. Twirl. Throw your hands up in the air. Twirl some more. Get on the table and dance.

Finish all the blog posts that's in the drafts. There might be someone who relates to it. There might be some one who may not agree with what you have to say. That opens a door for a conversation. And who doesn't love good conversations. So, it may not be a bad thing after all. When you write like no one is reading, you don't edit out or filter your voice. And that's what words are for. To put your thoughts on paper. Jut you and words. 

So, here I am, writing like no one is reading (maybe because there really IS no one reading?) I kid..I kid.. 

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