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Thanksgiving Gift Guide: Relish House, Columbus

                  Relish House | Ph (614) 725-3978
                 1287 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
                           Hours: Tue-Sat from 11-5 or by appointment
It's that time of the year when you are busy making lists, and if you are like me, then you are making a list of all lists. And, one of the important lists are the gift lists. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I went looking for a one-stop-store for all home decor gifts that would make a great hostess gift.

Here are some of my favorite hostess gifts from this gorgeous boutique, Relish House, right here in Columbus. This boutique just exudes warmth and you can just tell that every little item in the store is hand-picked by the owner, Jennifer Rose.

This gorgeous Juliska salad bowl is so elegant, it's like a work of art. I couldn't stop staring at it. It's just that beautiful.

These custom marble wine stoppers would make a great hostess gift.

How cute are these turkey-shaped dip cups. If this doesn't say Thanksgiving Hostess gift, then I don't know what does.

These sugarfina treats would make for a gorgeous goodie bag for the hostess.

"You can never have too many great serving dishes" ..Was it Martha Stewart who said that? Ok..maybe it was me..but it's true, isn't it?

And there are many, many more beautiful things at Relish House. So, if you are from Columbus and are looking for that perfect hostess gift or a Christmas gift for that stylish person in your life, look no more.

Difference Between High Tea, Afternoon Tea And Cream Tea In Britain

If there's one thing I love more than books, it's tea. Ok..fine..not more than books but definitely as much as books. And my idea of heaven is me cozying up in a library full of books with copious amount of tea. So, it's no surprise that I was more excited about tea when we visited the UK more than anything else. During my research to find the best afternoon teas in the UK, I realized not all afternoon teas are made equal. And that, High tea is not afternoon tea. 

   Thomas Oken Tea Rooms' Cream Tea, Warwick
I have done the research, so you don't have to :) You are welcome?


This tea is what comes to our mind when we think of British tea time. Those delicate finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and other nibbles. That's called afternoon tea. So, if you don't want to come across as a tourist, you wouldn't ask for English High Tea in the afternoon, when you are in London.

So, what is High Tea?

High Tea has all those nibbles and a lot more savoury things like pies, potatoes, vegetables or omelette. Think of it as a meal to keep you from dying of hunger before your actual dinner. High Tea is normally taken around 6. These were mainly for working class in the industrialized Britain, who had to wait for their tea until after work. They were called high tea because they were eaten at a table. And the rich made it more fancy-schmancy and brought in the culture of High Tea.


This is the tea we have come to know and love from Pop Culture that is quintessentially British.  Those delicate finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and other nibbles. And this is served normally around 3 till 5, at most restaurants. These are also called low tea because they were taken in low chairs and sofas as opposed to at a dining table.


This is what I had almost every single day I was in the UK. A) Because it was pretty much available at all times unlike Afternoon teas, that were only served during a specific time. B) It was just the right amount of everything and I wasn't wasting any food.

So, Cream Tea is served with a pot of Tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. And I want to take a moment and describe this deliciousness called clotted cream. It's like this perfect room temperature mix that's like whipped cream and whipped butter. Yum. And a little shout out to the best Cream Tea I had:

Thomas Oken Tea Rooms
20 Castle Street Warwick
CV34 4BP
Tel: 01926 499307

A small, independent local business in Warwick, located right behind the Warwick castle. If you are ever there, please visit the place. It's worth it.
Scones, Clotted Cream and Jam 
I read somewhere that non-britishers confuse afternoon tea with High tea so much so that, some hotels use the term "High Tea' to advertise their Afternoon Tea. Now, we don't want to be one of those tourists, do we? ;)

Movies On Netflix: Wildlike

Wildlike is a 2014 movie about 14-year-old Mackenzie, who is sent to temporarily live with her uncle in Alaska. 

It is difficult to tell initially what's going on in the beginning, but then the story unravels and it is revealed soon why she runs away from home. She finds herself with little money and attaches (stalks) herself  to hiker Rene Bartlett, in the hopes that he will help her reach Seattle. 

The dynamics between the two are endearing. Bartlett, on his way to hike through the Denali National Park , makes it convenient for the cinematographer to show the gorgeous landscape of Alaska (which might want you to take your next vacation there). Some movies skimp on the substance of the story by compensating it with beautiful scenery. But Wildlike does not and it balances the beauty with a solid story beautifully. Not once does it falter in its story-telling. 

The actress who plays Mackenzie (Ella Purnell) is amazing and I hope to see more of her in the future. We sure need 20-year-olds that are actually talented and whose last name is not Kardashian.

This movie is not just a good-enough-for-a-friday-night-movie-on-the-couch, but it's truly a well-written movie and will make you root for the characters. 

British TV shows To Watch

British Tv shows To Watch
Ok, before I go any further, let me get this out of the way, I am a certified Anglophile. Maybe, it has to do with the fact that as a student of Literature, you read a lot more of British Lit and end up falling in love with this little country. Or, maybe it's just the gorgeous british accent, I don't know. Now that you know that I am totally objective when it comes to British TV shows, let's look at the tv shows that you should absolutely watch.

Here's the list and I haven't included the usual suspects (Downtown Abbey, Sherlock etc.) because everyone and their mother know how great these shows are.

DOC MARTIN: It's about Dr. Martin Ellingham, a big city surgeon who moves to a small village as a GP after developing a fear of blood. He is grumpy and has zero people skills, much like Dr. House. You'll fall in love with the Doc and the villagers of this beach-y little town. I really want to visit Port Isaac after watching this show. The eighth and the final season airs in 2018. So, you have seven seasons to binge-watch and I say that as a good thing. It's available on Netflix.

BROADCHURCH: If there's one thing I have learnt form watching these shows, it's that the British do crime shows really well. And this is no exception. The show is about two detectives investigating the murder of eleven-year-old Danny Latimer in this quaint, small seaside town of Broadchurch. It has everything you need: drama, suspense, great acting. It has 3 seasons in total and the first two seasons are available on Netflix. 

DOCTOR FOSTER: It follows Dr. Gemma Foster, who suspects and later discovers her husband is having an affair. It's a great drama and sometimes, it gets borderline soap-ish, but since it only has 10 episodes, it gets away with it. The first season is available on Netflix. 

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: As the name suggests, this is a series that takes a look at the British Legal System, from the moment a person is charged with a crime to the verdict. It has two seasons, 5 episodes each, so it's not too long. The first season follows Ben Coulter, who is charged with the murder of a girl, and who has very little memory of the night. The Emmy-award winning HBO show, The Night Of, is based on this show. The second season follows housewife Juliet Miller, whose husband is found stabbed in the bed. Now available on Hulu.

APPLE TREE YARD: It's a four-part series and is based on Louise doughty's book of the same name. If you like courtroom drama, this is definitely for you. 

MARCELLA: And last but not the least, Marcella is set in London and is about Det. Sgt. Marcella Backland, who's been out of the police force for the last ten years raising a family and who gets called in when there's a copy cat murder, from when she was still in the force. You will like it, if you are into police procedural. It's available on Netflix. 

Hope you like the list and you find a new show you can watch. Also, are there any other british tv shows you enjoy watching? I would love to know.

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