The one where I wore real pants

Friday, September 11, 2020

I have come to the conclusion that you can make any title cool if you use the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode title trick. So it's been a good six months since we have all, all of humanity, has gone into a lockdown. Now, the definition of lockdown clearly varies from person to person. I have seen people living it up "quarantining" by posting casual pictures of them eating out at a proper restaurant to people who haven't gone out at all, except for absolutely necessities. No judgement here.

We have been lockdown-ing somewhere in the middle, where we do hang out with friends, but at a distance and where we do go grocery shopping, but in the middle of the day on a week day, when there are lesser people. But, what I have been doing regularly since March, is work from home. And as there are various stages of grief, there are, I believe, various stages of WFH. It started with yay-no-commute and moved onto omg-these-pjs-are-so-comfy to bake-more-bread-at-home. And as they say, all good things must come to an end, and it did end for me a couple of weeks before. Not the WFH part, but my affair with pjs-all-day part. 

If anyone knows me in real life, I have always been this dress up even if you are going to the grocery store kind of person. So, I am surprised it took me this long to say "enough already", both to my pjs and to Covid. The other day, to water the front lawn, I decided to dress up and wore real pants and a real top. If I could have watered the lawn with heels, I would have, except I want our neighbors to like me not run away from me. It just made me feel so much more human and sad. The year when all norms are out of the window and no rules apply, I won't be surprised if I actually dress up in office clothes every day to wfh. ok, maybe not. I don't hate the comfiness of my pjs that much.   

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