Monday, July 27, 2020

I keep complaining that I don't have any topics to write about. But, if only I dug into my head and list out all my pet peeves, I can live off it for a year, at least. I am using "live off" loosely here, because no one is paying me for writing about my peeves. I just have enough content for a year.

So, one of my pet peeves is things not happening organically. I really miss the good ol' days ( I am talking 2010-ish, I know we have all lived a thousand years in this age of social media and instant opinions) when organic just meant growing plants without using chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Let's talk about now. With social media, you are more aware of how other people's lives are. You know what they eat for breakfast, how their kitchen looks like etc. Speaking of kitchen, I am sure we are all "aware" of the now over-done scandinavian look for the house. White walls, minimal furniture, aesthetically done walls and such. Along with this came the problem of uniformity. Every influencer's kitchen, living room began to merge and started looking very similar. And the amount of time all of us (ok, I won't drag you), I spend on social media, I got used to seeing these unrealistically clean, aesthetically-messy kitchen. Pre-social media, people would have to look up design magazines to get inspired by. And, not a lot of people would do that and the interior decor would be mostly organic.

So, when I was watching a video of a couple of Indian decently-famous people doing a zoom interview, where they were also cooking a dish together, I saw their gorgeous, messy, organic, real kitchens. It was so refreshing to see, that it inspired me to write. Yup, that's how starved I was to see a real house/kitchen, with the mismatched re-used spice bottles, wires running across, sinks with some unwashed dishes etc. Ah, a real kitchen. Sometimes, in the world of social media, we forget that our uniqueness is what makes us, us.

Do you also sometimes miss seeing real kitchens and living rooms ?