Good ol' Doordarshan Days

Thursday, April 23, 2015
In this podcast, me and nits take a nostalgic tour of the good ol' days of Doordarshan, when our entire nation was united by the shows that we saw. We take a look at the best and the worst shows doordarshan had. Do take a listen and take the nostalgic tour with us :)


Serial Shopper

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If there was a "Are you a serial shopper?" cosmo quiz, I would probably get a 10/10. I shop or should I say I used to shop very single month. I would at least buy one new piece of clothing every month, it doesn't matter if I absolutely needed it or not. And then last Thanksgiving, on black friday, the day when even the non-shoppers shop, I shopped too, A LOT. And the guilt hit me the day after, and I vowed not to shop for at least a month. Guys, that's huge for someone like me. I went into shopping withdrawal, literally ;) It was brutal.