Serial Shopper

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If there was a "Are you a serial shopper?" cosmo quiz, I would probably get a 10/10. I shop or should I say I used to shop very single month. I would at least buy one new piece of clothing every month, it doesn't matter if I absolutely needed it or not. And then last Thanksgiving, on black friday, the day when even the non-shoppers shop, I shopped too, A LOT. And the guilt hit me the day after, and I vowed not to shop for at least a month. Guys, that's huge for someone like me. I went into shopping withdrawal, literally ;) It was brutal.

But, then during those days, I realized I was utilizing my wardrobe to the full. I was picking up tops that I hadn't even looked at and mixed and matched them with pants and skirts. And one month went to two and two to three. And I started enjoying the feeling of satisfaction and pride I got from creating numerous outfits with the same skirt or the same top. And three months became four. I could literally hear gasps from friends when I told them I hadn't shopped for four months. I realized anyone can dress well and look stylish if they shopped regularly, but the challenge is to dress well and look and feel stylish with the clothes you already own. Now, that takes being stylish to a whole another level.

Well, I did shop a bit after my four long hiatus from shopping, but I noticed that my whole perception of shopping has changed. Instead of reaching for everything that looked pleasing to my eyes, I paused for a moment and even put some clothes back on the rack. I feel like I know my closet well enough now to know exactly what I need and what I don't. It's been a good experience, one which I hope to carry on in the future as well. 

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  1. I ❤️ the bag pic! I know what you must be feeling. It's truly an achievement. We all have some diehard habits which are more like guilty addictions and it's never easy
    To taper them. You did it! Keep it going. Very well described. This can be learning for many who read it. Mix and match is what we always did when we had limited clothes. Then we got
    Spoilt! Going back to basics feels so good right! I think it's applies to eveything. Just go for a wild ride and the again get back t basics.