The more you know..the less you tweet?

Monday, August 17, 2020

 I joined Twitter in November 2010. I wish I could give you the exact date and time, like someone in a movie would, when they are asked the exact moment they fell in love. Twitter had been around since 2006, and even though, I was a good 4 years late to the game, the world was different and products or news did not go stale as hastily as they do now. What I am trying to say is that Twitter was still cool. Those were the golden days.

For someone as opinionated as me, Twitter seemed to be the perfect outlet. As Julie from Julie & Julia says about her new blog " It just feels like it goes out into this giant void". It was liberating to send out random things that nobody really cared about, out into the void. And it was amazing to have an outlet that was purely dedicated to being witty. Yes kids, that was what Twitter used to be. 

Twitter and I were comfortably growing old together, and then all hell broke loose. I don't really know when it happened, but Twitter certainly turned into this angry, grumpy old man, who is always busy yelling at his neighbors' kids. The opinions were no longer witty, but angry. And who needs anger, if it is not witty, right? And while Twitter was turning into an angry old man, I was turning into this tweet-but-save-everything-in-drafts person. Where once Twitter was a place where I was able to make fun of chocolate hummus (I know, what abomination!), it has now become a place where chocolate hummus-ers would come at me with burning torches to explain why chocolate hummus is fantastic and how I am wrong in thinking hummus should never be combined with cocoa. I don't know if it is me getting older and wiser or me just having a lower bandwidth to pick and choose where I would like to use my energy, I have been tweeting lesser and lesser.  

And as a wise man (Aristotle is what the internet says, who knows, it could be Tom Cruise too) once said, the more we know, the less we know. As I have been reading more on hot topic issues, the more I feel like I don't know anything at all and it's best to let Twitter do the twittering. And if anyone really needs my opinion on chocolate hummus or the next hot button issue, we can hangout in a coffee shop and discuss these oh-so-important issues.


  1. Witty post... I totally get it... social media platforms are slowly turning toxic..specially Twitter. Hope they soon come up with a new one.. And the quote is absolutely true. The more we know the less we know. And every one voices out their opinion so strongly, we end up getting confused...

    I see you are keeping up the pace. Good job.. keep the posts coming

  2. Thanks Dimpy .. hopefully I’ll keep up this momentum 🙃
    More than confused, I think we have become more and more intolerant of views that don’t align with ours