Movie Recommendations for Bollywood Newbies on Netflix

Thursday, January 28, 2016

As Indians, Bollywood is in our DNA. We may sometimes complain about how bad some of the Bollywood movies are, but in our hearts, we know we can't live without them. And we even try convincing our non-Indian friends to watch at least one Bollywood movie. Of late, Netflix has been coming up with some really good Bollywood movies to stream. So, here are a few movies I would recommend if you are looking for a good Bollywood movie to watch.

You know what they say, once you go Bollywood, there's no turning back ;) Nah..Just kidding.

And oh, I would recommend that you watch it in this order, but if you want to be a rebel, feel free. No judgement here :)


Storyline: One of the few bollywood movies that has captured beautifully the father-daughter relationship. A firecracker daughter and an opinionated, stubborn father create this heart-warming story.

Watch out for:
It's a road trip movie, so you can sit back and enjoy India, from New Delhi to Calcutta.

And also, look out for Deepika Padukone's (the lead actress) gorgeous Indian clothes.

PS: A lot of conversations revolve around bowel movements!


Storyline:  A story of a Delhi girl from a conservative, middle-class family who sets out on a solo honeymoon after her wedding is called off by the groom. It is a story of self-deiscovery.

Watch out for:
Kangana ( the main lead) has done an amazing job playing this girl from a conservative family in India. Watch it for her. She practically carries the whole film on her shoulders.
Also, watch out for that dance scene in a club in Paris and also for that drunk-Kangana scene. It'll make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Storyline: It's the story of Shruti and Bittoo, who start a wedding planning business in New Delhi, and amidst the chaos of all the weddings they plan, they also (duh!) fall in love with each other.

Watch out for:
All the colourful, chaotic, gorgeous Indian weddings that take place.

Also, enjoy this beautiful song. Feel free to pause and rewind and forward as many times as you want to dance to it, that's one great thing about Netflix, right? ;p

This song is quite popular in Indian weddings.

Fun Fact: The lead actors were seeing each other IRL ;)


Storyline: Boy meets girl in Europe. Girl's father does not approve of the boy. Girl gets engaged to a boy of father's choice. Boy follows her to India. Chaos ensues. A lot of crying happens. And in the end, they live happily ever after.

Watch out for: 

It's the Hollywood equivalent of all the iconic rom-coms put together. Every Indian woman knows the dialogues by heart and every Indian man often quotes the cheesy mushy dialogues now and then.

And this song <3. Enough said!

The chemistry between the lead actors. Their onscreen chemistry has always been the talk of the town. And they are really good friends off-screen too.

Fun Fact: The DDLJ effect was huge, so much so that there was a surge in Swiss Tourism after the movie and it's still a hot tourist for Indians, who want that little bit of Bollywood magic and romance to rub off on them. True story!


Storyline: A big fat Indian wedding.

Watch out for:
It's silly, cheesy yet sweet, mushy, cloyingly happy but so innocent and you have to watch this one, just for the whole grandeur of it. Leave your brains behind and watch it with your heart. Actually, that holds true for most of the Bollywood movies :p

Fun Fact:

Watch out for the purple sari worn by Madhuri Dixit (lead actress) in the movie. That sari became a HUGE fashion statement and every woman that time had to have one of that.

This was the beginning of choreographed dances by family and friends at Indian weddings. And no one's complaining!

Hope you enjoy these movies. I have a couple of good Bollywood movies that don't fall under the mushy genre, so, I might do a list of gritty Bollywood movies that's available on Netflix soon.

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