Don't be THAT NRI

Monday, August 17, 2015


When I moved to the US, the first thing I told my husby and friends was that I will never become THAT outdated NRI. You know who I am talking about. The one with no clue about things happening in India in terms of pop culture or fashion. Especially the fashion.

Where do I even begin. Do I begin with the outdated saree blouses or the stuck-in-90s bollywood hair.

When I was in college,  I remember seeing a photo on a newspaper of Indian Americans celebrating Independence Day in the US and I don't remember what the article exactly read but I remember the pic that was attached to it. Yup, the pic of Indians in Indian wear that looked like their wardrobe had hopped on a time machine to the 80's. I want to justify that by saying that there were no online stores that sold Indian clothes and that the only time they could buy Indian wear was when they travelled to India. But, I can't. They had the option of NOT wearing Indian clothes, right? Like the saying goes, it's better to not wear Indian than wear outdated Indian. No?Did I just make that up?:p

So, how do I keep up with all things Indian? Here's what I do:
  • Follow a couple of Indian bloggers from India to get an idea of where to shop and to have an idea of the products they use. 
  • Follow Indian news websites like TOI and HT, no matter how annoying you find the websites to be with all those ads popping up everywhere. Don't give up!
  • Follow a couple of Indian movie critics on Twitter to follow all things bollywood.
  • Follow for bolllywood gossip. Scratch that. TOI should cover that for you ;)
And if you follow these to the tee, you'll never be THAT NRI. You are welcome ;p

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  1. Yes we discussed this a few times. My source is TOI and trips to India. Crossing fingers to not become the odd nri ever !