Local Business Spotlight: Meet Cris, The Owner Of Santo Brigadeiro, Columbus

Thursday, October 19, 2017
I met with Cris at her home and we talked about her life before Brigadeiros, her passion and what made her start a business making chocolates in Columbus.

Outline Of The Show: 
  • What brought her to Columbus
  • Reason why she thought Columbus was great place to introduce Brigadeiro
  • How do you pronounce Brigadeiro and the story behind these iconic chocolates
  • How is it served
  • Why Brigadeiros make for great party favors
  • What she is working on right now 
Where to find Santo Brigadeiro: 

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Cris - Owner Of Santo Brigadeiro

The Best-Sellers: Coconut, Chocolate and Creme Brulee
Newly Introduced Banana Nut Bread

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