Katie Girl

Thursday, July 31, 2014
One of my favourite movies of all time is "The Way We Were" and one of the many TV shows that I can watch over and over, is Sex and the City. And when there's a reference of one in the other, it's just pure pop-culture heaven. Here's the quote from Sex and the city:

Miranda: Robert Redford is madly in love with Barbra Streisand 
Carrie: K-k-k-katie
Miranda: Right, but he can't be with her because she's too complicated and she had wild curly hair
Miranda: Yeah, so he leaves her and marries this simple girl, with straight hair
Carrie: Ladies, I am having an epiphany. The world is made up of two types of women: the simple girls and the Katie girls…I'm a Katie girl!”

Hair is of course a metaphor for the personalities of the girls. And, I for one, can totally relate, because I have always struggled (metaphorically and literally) with my hair. I have thick, wavy hair that occasionally   almost always tend to frizz. Growing up, I have always wanted to have that perfectly straight, elegant hair. And as I got older, I have come to term with the fact that my hair is exactly like my personality. I can never be that girl with straight hair or that girl who cannot not have an opinion on everything. I will always be the one who cannot shut up, and that some people might call a foot-in-the-mouth disease! I have begun to embrace that. Sure, there are days when I try every product under the sun to control my hair and flat iron it, but there are many more days when I just let my hair be as wild as it can be and be happy and content with it. Because that is just who I am. A Katie girl!

What makes you a Katie girl? I would love to know! 


  1. Oye Katie girl. Good one. Reminds me if taht conversation of wanting to wear different soemthing at a wedding and annoy everyone. What's the point being alike. Imitation can be a flattery, but it's super boring for the one who is doing it and for the one who gets copied UFFF!

    1. I remember our conversation and that kind of prompted me to write about this :)