New Year 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! Time for some resolutions but considering it's almost a week into the New Year, it should be ideally time for losing-focus on the resolutions! I was never into making resolutions but I thought I will make a few and see how that goes this year. I wouldn't call them life-changing ones, but it's a start.

- Stop biting my nails - I decide to quit almost every month but end up going back to this nasty habit. I notice I do it the most when I am reading or watching a movie. I don't do it while watching TV shows. Interesting huh?

- Read more - I have been slacking so much on reading lately and want to get back to my regular reading self. I have taken up this reading challenge by goodreads where I plan on reading atleast 30 books this year. Fingers crossed.

- Get maximum utility out of my current wardrobe- I have too many clothes and accessories that I haven't used to the fullest. I want to do this before thinking of buying and hoarding more.

Got any New Year resolutions for yourselves this year? :)

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