Funny side up!

Thursday, November 20, 2014
We as Indians are not really known for our self-deprecating humour. But lately I have been seeing videos of Indian celebrities who are not scared to make fun of themselves, It does make for a refreshing change seeing them loosen up.

 It started with Alia Bhatt's video after her disastrous interview on Koffee with Karan. I admit, this video actually made me like her a little more.

And then, I happened to watch this video of Saif Ali Khan today and it made me laugh. Listen to the part where he talks about his first movie as an actor! It made me chuckle.

I really feel like this is a much-needed change for our country where we are a little stuck-up when it comes to making fun of ourselves! What do you think? Do you have any other funny videos of our celebrities?


  1. Flo couldn't open the saif link from mobile. I mean I couldn't see a link at all.
    Regarding what you wrote. It's so true. Like we have discussed before. How people in our country are always behaving like MILs 😜 being self defensive and spoil sports when it comes to a joke on us. Also, it is getting better. And Definetly celebs help in making it a cooler thing to do!

  2. Alia's I wasn't impressed with 'coz I think it was a publicity stint but we can discuss hat later BUT SAIF's I LOVED!!! I love his (self deprecating) sense of humor.

    ∞ ∞