Awkward Silences

Friday, February 6, 2015

Any kind of silence is painful, but the kind that happens in a social situation gets awkwardly painful. I mean, I am totally ok with silence induced by anger or because a situation demands it like in a church or a funeral or while watching a movie. What I am uncomfortable with is the kind of silence that happens at a party.

I am the kind of person you don't want to have an awkward silence with at a party or maybe I am the kind of person you would want to have an awkward silence. It depends on how you see it, I guess. Because I come up with the most random things just to fill in the silence. It varies from funny to foot-in-mouth comments to politically incorrect statements (yup!) to TMI to superficial. Now you see what I meant when I said I could be the best or the worst person to have an awkward silence with. Yup! Here are some of the things I have said may (ahem!) have said just to avoid that crickets-chirping-awkward moments:

"Husband and I had a fight this morning" - to a stranger I met for the first time at a party. TMI much?

"Did you know McDonalds in India has a veggie burger?"

"My friends just got a new dog"

"What's up with white people and their obsession with Ryan Gosling?" - To a white person (I know right?)

"Are you on Twitter? You should be because that's the most fun thing to do" - Randomness

" Did you know Akshay Kumar dated Ayesha Jhulka" - Superficial much?

" You should try this moisturizer" - And then I notice that person actually has dry skin.

I am that person who fills up awkward silences with the most awkward things ever. Guess I should just learn to embrace the silence and be part of it. Or I can always add " You know, I actually blogged about awkward silences" to my list of things I say.

Are you one of those people who embraces these moments or are you like me? How do you handle awkward silences?

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