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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

 My iphone is filled with apps, so much so that I really think I need a phone that has unlimited storage. I need to spring clean my phone though because out of all those apps, there are only a handful that I use on a regular basis. And these 5 apps are my absolute favorites that I will bring to a stranded island (with a free wifi ofcourse;))

  • COZI -  It's a great app for anyone but it's a must-have app for any married couple. It's a shared app and it lets you mark your calendars, share shopping and to-do lists. It eliminates any confusions and especially the I-forgot-milk excuses ;) It has a journal too and you can make special notes of dates you don't want to forget. 

  • SIGHT -  I use my phone to catch up on news and all my favorite website and blogs. And when there's an article I want to read later or if there's an article I want to curate, then all you have to do is take a screenshot and move on. This app does all the work for you and downloads the article saving it for later reading. There's no hassle of copying the link and saving it on your notes or of having hundreds of tabs open on safari, if you are anything like me.

  • EVERNOTE - This is truly my life saver. I have a brain that's overloaded with information from too many things. You'll know what I mean if you took a look at my laptop. I have hundreds of tabs always open and my brain is exactly like that. I need to get this! Here's where this beautiful app comes into play. Evernote is like my brain, I juts have to note it down and save it. I can always look it up later when my memory fails. You don't remember that great website you looked at a year back or that cute little restaurant in NY you went to three years back? No worries, just go to evernote and search for it and you'll feel like a rockstar when someone asks for your recommendation on their next trip to NY.

  • INSTAFLASH - Great editing app. I am always the most zenned out person in the group when others are panicking over how low the light is for a group picture. This app brightens up any pic like nobody's business.

  • IMAGE TRANSFER - Running out of storage on your phone with the overload of pics? Just transfer them to the laptop in a minute with this app. No cords attached ;)

Any apps that you can't manage without?Do let me know in the comment section or here or here!

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