French Style and Minimalist Wardrobe

Friday, October 2, 2015

A longtime blog-friend (Did I just create a new word?) of mine Tanvi from was sweet enough to join me on this podcast. We talk about all things style, especially our  my obsession with french style and try to break the french women's Je ne sais quoi code.

Quotable Quotes:

On Makeup: "My face is just 5% of my body and I can't spend an hour on that 5%. What will happen to the 95% of me?" - Tanvi

On Kajal :" People ask me if I am sick if I get out of my house without kajal. I think I should start telling people that I was born looking like a sick person. That is me" - Flo

"Sometimes I end up looking like a raccoon" - Tanvi

On messy hair: "I never comb my hair, I just didn't realize it was a french thing" - Flo

On temporary trends: "There are some trends like monochrome and brocade jackets which are good" - Tanvi

Join us on this chit chat, won't you? Please do leave a feedback. It's always appreciated:)

The Yacker is on itunes  and you can also listen/subscribe to it here if Apple is not your thing!

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