Thanksgiving/Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

Monday, November 23, 2015
With the holiday season about to hit us in its full glory and calories(!), the next month or so is going to have you play either the role of a host or a guest. And with all the planning and the shopping that goes into the season, I have put together a curated list of hostess gifts that are not your run-of-the-mill-same-old-wine bottle, because admit it, you are better than that!

Food for the morning-after:  After the numerous hours and days the hosts have put in for that huge Thanksgiving Meal, nothing says Thank You like a gift that can be put to good use when they wake up tired with a turkey hangover.
"Bagels, muffins, a bag of coffee, cinnamon rolls, toasting bread with jam or salted butter,they all work! You know your host best. Would they be up for something sweet the next morning or more inclined toward a buttery piece of toast? Here are some ideas for both leaning." according to The Kitchn
You can make these or these and bring it to your hosts with a thank you note and a note with               baking instructions.

Personalized Gifts: The best gifts I have received are the ones that my guests have picked thoughtfully just for me. My friend Nits knows my love for brunches and tea, so she gifted me a set of two tea cups, butter knives, butter plates and two adorable spoons. And my other friend Dimple, knows how much I love accessories and she always gets me something along those lines. And serve wares are always a great option. Because, if someone loves throwing parties, chances are they could always do with more serve ware. Keep an eye out for what the hosts might be missing and bring that the next time they host a party. 

"About six years ago, I was hosting a few friends for dinner and could not get a jar of olives to open. Thankfully, one of my guests stepped in and finished the job. What's more, the next time he came for a meal, he handed me a jar opener. I think of him every time I use it." - Pat Janes, California 

DIY Gifts: Nothing says thoughtful like a DIY gift. You can take a homemade bread with a DIY butter of your choice. You can try out Berry Butter, Honey Butter or Garlic butter here. Or you can make this rose sugar scrub and make it the prefect gift for the hostess.

What's the best hostess gift you have received? I would love to know :) 

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