The Fakonistas

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

World, here's presenting to you a brand new word. You heard it here first!

Fakonista ‎(plural Fakonistas
  1. (informal) One who pretends not knowing anything about fashion but is always dressed up wearing the "it" clothes/accessories of the moment.

You see them everywhere. The one who says "Oh..I have no clue about what's in or what's out" and then comes dressed in exactly the same thing that's 'in' at that moment. It make me do a mental "eyeroll" every time this happens. My problem is not with them being well dressed or being fashionable. It is the fact that they pretend that they are not so into fashion, like somehow any association with anything fashionable would make them seem less intellectual and more frivolous.

It's OK to know about what's going on in the fashion world as long you don't let it rule your world. So, to all the Fakonistas out there, it's totally ok to know about crop tops, rompers, mixing prints. You can still talk about the important things in life, while wearing your most stylish outfit! 

PS: it's pronounced Fay-kuh-neestas! 


  1. LOL I actually laughed out loud!!! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Oh man..they sure did :p Thank God for personal blog...easy way to vent out!