Louie's "Fat" girl

Friday, May 16, 2014
I don't watch Louie, but from what I have seen of Louis C.K in interviews, he comes across as a funny guy. I watched this clip that is doing the rounds on the internet and it's being heralded as the most honest and heartbreaking TV scene. Here, have a look.

I just did not see the clip as heartbreaking or heroic. Let me break it down for ya.

First of all, I don't know a single guy who doesn't want to hold hands with a fat girl because she is fat. And let's face it. She is not fat. She is not thin either, but she is not break-the-door-to-get-her-out-of-the-house fat. So, the issue here is not even about 'fat' girls. Because being fat is not abnormal and not an issue unless you are being bullied in highschool. Then my friend, those bullies deserve a whack in their heads.

Case in point: Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore girls. And there have been many shows which have had "fat" women and it did not involve any lecture on how fat girls are treated unfair. FYI, she not only had a guy who would "hold hands with her" but also marry her and have babies with her.

So, when the girl in the video says that guys can't even hold her hands in public because she is fat is like saying " ALL thin girls always have their hands held by men" .That's just absurd. There will always be men with preferences like thin, fat, tall, short, dark, fair, long hair, short hair when it comes to women. That doesn't mean that the rest of the women school them on why they are biased towards a certain type. Come on!!  This is 2014. If there's a decade when people are liked and accepted for who they truly are, then this is the time to be in.

And why does she get all offended when Louie tells her 'She is not fat'. I mean, aren't men trained that way for their own good. Aren't we told as humans to pull people up when they are down, unless you are my BFF, then you can get away with saying "You look like shit" when I ask you how I look. So, why then does this lady get offended when he says she's not fat. I told you I didn't get it.

So, Louie and the "fat" girl, this video could have worked, if her tone wasn't so defensive. I wish she had just made a little joke about her weight and had still gotten her message conveyed. But in this video, she just comes across as a woman who is just unhappy with the world and especially men and just looking to vent it out on the next guy she sees. Sorry. Better luck next time? 


  1. Hey Flo.
    I read your article the day you wrote it but couldn't see the video as my earphones weren't near me in the night. I firstly loved the humor you had in your writing .."get out of the door Wala". Great flow of opinion.
    I finally saw the video now and read your article again. I agree with you in some places and disagree too. I totally know that you have the right intentions and were not trying to be mean to the girl in the video and are very sensitive to weight issues too.
    I agree that she seemed very angry ..over the top and annoyed at all men. But honestly, I know (literally) many guys who wouldn't wanna date/hold hands with fat women. It's not a preference for the majority. When you say that there are all types of men.. Who like fat, thin petite big. That's totally true. But here she is talking about a majority. Liking fat women is still in the exceptions and is a very tiny category. That's the truth. 90% of my college friends wanted a slim girl to date. 90%of young guys I know today want a slim girl to marry.
    Thing is I have been on both sides of the fence and now can relate to many things she said. Like.. Are we even allowed to say we are fat.. Or ppl call the suicide hotline on us. Obviously it's figurative. Many things she said was figurative and not literal. She did say that she is sorry that she was making him the man representing the man world disliking the fat woman community( only for dating not as friends). I think she did this coz she felt close to him and could vent on him.
    I have personally faced a different attitude when I started to put on weight during my masters. Only then I realized it was much easier to have guy friends when I was thinner. As That time I was always being approached and didn't have to take initiatives . But would I call such ppl friends anymore? No!
    Trust me fact is fact.. Fat women are not preferred(In most cases)!
    She just took this moment to overreact. It was one of those days I guess for her and this guy was having a bad luck that day !
    But I know you were just trying to say that there's nothing wrong in being fat or oversized. Wish all men thought like u too:(
    Bottom line is.. I get your point too. But unfortunately it's not a perfect world where the majority approves for ppl who don't meet certain idiotic standards set by the idiots. This goes for all stereotypes like shortness/ extra thin/ super tall etcetc.

  2. Hey nits..Thank you so much for taking your time out to comment on my post :) The problem I had with the video was that she could have conveyed the message in a totally different way to the world. I guess it was the writers' fault in this case. And yes, I do agree there's a lot more prejudice against fat people. But, like I said, there will always be men who are completely pathetic and pick a woman who is more attractive. But as women, we need to know that it really doesn't matter what they think about us and be confident and comfortable in our own skin. I bet that is more attractive than a dumb model who is a perfect 10 ;)

  3. Gotchya:)
    Btw your are talking to a perfect 10! Only thing is I am a US size 10 🙀😁
    Btw don't we actually care more about what our girl friends think than those men after all ! We are so judgy...