Unwritten rules of Facebook

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I used to love Facebook until 2008 when only the cool kids had Facebook accounts. I still have my account but it's not an active one. I keep it just so I don't become one of those wannabe snobs who think they are too cool for Facebook. When I say I'm not active, it doesn't mean I'm one of those people with a shadow for a profile pic and absolutely nothing else happening on their account. No, I do get tagged by my friends and I do occasionally "like" people's pics and go "awww" on their baby pics.

So there are a few unwritten rules of Facebook for people who want to be the "cool facebook-ers"! I have jotted down a few from my own Facebook experience. You are welcom!

- Be active enough to show the world that you are  alive and kicking but not too active that they feel they have the right to know your business! Yup, it's complicated.

- Change your profile picture ONLY if you are prepared for the consequences. People will like and comment on your new pic and you HAVE to respond to them because YOU changed it! It's rude not to respond. BUT if you are the taggee and not the tagger, then you have the right to abstain from responding to people's comments on your tagged pics.

- KNOW the common friends you have with every friend on Facebook. And use that knowledge to stay out of trouble. Know that if you respond to one friend and you don't respond to another friend and they are your common friends, then heads will roll. They will know you responded to that friend but you have ignored them.

- The above rule applies to any post on your wall. Refrain from responding at all or go all in.

- When there's a new-baby birth announcement, like AND comment, no matter how cool you are! But with other baby pics that follow after ( almost everyday update of their babies),your call!

- The above rule applies for wedding pics too! And the follow-up for PDA pics and posts, Your call!

- You are better off clicking on "Not Now" button on certain friend requests than accepting and later complaining about their annoying status messages.(Note: I should follow my own rule on this one!)

- Refrain from liking or commenting on political posts. I know it's so hard to be quiet, but trust me on this one. Many friendships have been unfriendship-ed over politics. Instead, have a sane discussion in person, over a cup of coffee.

- Never say "Hottie" on your own pic.

- You have the right to unfriend people who wish "HPY BD GBU" on your wall (or on anyone else's) on birthdays. 

Happy Facebooking OR not! :) 

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  1. Hey flo. Read this before , it's hilarious...btw where new posts from u?