What I learnt from Amy Poehler's Book Yes Please!

Thursday, June 11, 2015
 I read Amy Poehler's book Yes Please a couple of months back. I love her humour and was only too excited to read it. While I expected her book to be funny, I never thought it'll leave me with a life lesson.

There's this passage in the book that really stood out.

 "That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. 'Good for her! Not for me.'"

It was something as simple as that. As women, we are always trying to compare ourselves with others. And it has only gotten more difficult in this world of social media where we are constantly comparing our vacations, our homes, our jobs, clothes and sometimes our breakfasts and coffees(IF you are on Instagram, that is). And the list goes on.  It is hard sometimes not to compare ourselves with others.  Just because someone gets to go on four vacations per year does not mean you should do that too. It also does not mean that you criticize their decision either. What works for them may not work for you and vice-versa. So, the next time you are stalking scrolling down social media or you are in a conversation which is loaded with comparisons, just say "Good for her, Not for me"


  1. Hey delete this one if it's repeat. I just lost the comment I typed! So typing again. So I was just saying that why would you portray yourself as a self stalker or J kinda person. Unless this aims at some one or some others you may know, I don't think you are the J kinds. I wanted to clear this for other readers. Coz, it comes across as you have J issues if u see others food on insta or others vaca pics from your post. And clearly you aren't like tht. The max you could be irritated is from h4 not having jobs vs l2 girls. Which is super normal. We all learn things like not to envy at home when we are small and I am sure from what I know about u,that you are very normal and self assertive. You definitely don't compare with other women ( celebrities u might ��). So stop feeling this is a lesson learnt. I am sure u already had this in you.

    1. Hey nits, I wasn't trying to portray myself as a J kind of person. If I came across like that on the post, guess it's my flawed writing :p We spoke about it and what I was trying to convey through this was in this world of social media, even if you want to juts mind your won business, it's not possible without other people's businesses coming on your timeline, makes sense? And as a woman, I feel we inherently tend to compare ourselves with other women, it could be someone's perfect nose or the flexibility someone's job offers, things like that. Or at least I tend to do that, it;s not an all-consuming jealousy, but just a slight quick comparison of sorts. And I juts wanted to put it out there in case there's someone out there who needed to listen to "Good for her,not for me" message.

      But thanks, it feels nice to have friends who look out for you and make sure I don't portray myself other than what you know I am :)