Let's just not know what it is!

I love watching movies and reading books in general, but I love them even more when I have writer's block. Because you never know when you will come across an interesting line or a scene that just might inspire you to write. A book or a movie might be really bad, but they sometimes throw certain lines that just stand out and make you think.

It's always a bonus when the movie that inspired you to write a post also happens to be a good movie. Here's a little clip from the movie While We're Young. Watch the first 50 seconds of it!

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a huge wikipedia/google fan addict. While watching a movie, I am constantly on my phone wikipedia-ing things like the names of the actors and directors, which leads to more links and then some more and you are falling down this rabbit hole of  links and more links. I am always the first one to go "Let me look that up", when anyone is looking for any kind of information. I have realized this leads to overload of information and leaves me with a headache. Literally!

Remember those days when all we knew was what we knew. It was as simple as that. We knew things because we worked for it. We knew and spoke about things because we had read about them, not because we googled them that instant and came up with the information. And if we did not know certain things, we just let it be. And we were at peace with it. No one died because they did not know which year Kramer vs Kramer was made (Btw, it released in 1979). How nice would it be to just be in the moment and enjoy a movie or a book and not have the pressure to know every little thing, right?

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  1. I hear you! I am someone who let's things be and my husband is the wiki-addict. I am holding on to the old world by threads!

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