The Life Cycle of Bangs

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

As my hair appointment gets closer, I was reminded of this old post that I wrote on my other blog! 

Bangs set us up to fail. The sooner you come to terms with this, the better. 

Every  french woman and her neighbor have perfect bangs. There's something stylish, effortless and boho, about bangs. I admit it. I have major Bangs envy! It's not because I can't have cute bangs, because I can and I have, in the past but it's because I hate the temporary-ness of it. Every time I see Zooey Deschanel , I just want to scream at her and tell her that she is setting up unattainable standards for women (Yeah, I am dramatic like that). There is no way a regular woman can have those perfect length bangs, every single time. Unless you are a celebrity with your  hairdresser's number on speed dial or if you are married to a hairdresser. 

Let me tell you how it goes for mortals a.k.a regular woman, like me.

First day – ooh..It's so perfect and I look so hot
Second day – OK..I think I can set it exactly how my hairdresser did.
Third day – You discover a little thing called 'Cowlick' on google. You google, because the way your bangs are acting, there's got to be a name for it.
Fourth day- uh oh..My bangs are blocking my eyes.
Fifth day – You have 'bangs remorse' (yup, just like buyer's remorse)

And don't even get me started on windy days when your bangs never fall back in place like how it's supposed to.

And the rest of the days, you are just trying to grow it out (which btw takes forever) by pinning it up and hoping that having 10 hairpins on your head becomes fashionable.

I think I look like this!
BUT, I actually look like this!
So, the next time I want to have bangs, I think I'll come back and read this and hopefully, this should change my mind because seriously, I have been having this major urge to have bangs. Maybe, I should try one of those clip-on bangs?

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