yacker ‎(plural yackers)
  1. (informal) One who talks at length.

Things I'll talk in length about:
  • Assorted mix of stuff ranging from Netflix to Restaurant reviews and everything in between.
  • Random thoughts from my sometimes-too-opinionated self
  • Pop culture - essentially about things noone cares about but will make for some interesting dinner conversations.
  • Reviews on movies and books, but not the boring kind, I promise

And if you happen to live in Columbus or visiting Columbus: High-five first. And now that, Columbus is the next big thing for Millennials, according to Nat Geo, let's make the best of it. You can also find about things I love about Columbus like 
  • Local Restaurant Reviews 
  • Things To Do
  • Best things about Columbus

  • If reading is not your thing, listen to The Yacker on itunes or on soundcloud. Hopefully, that long drive to work will seem shorter and more fun :) 

Random Facts about me: 
  • I believe I invented the word "Fishetarian"
  • My extent of pop culture knowledge surprises me sometimes
  • I have a serious sweet tooth
  • Once, I actually clicked on "Click to remove virus" virus button and installed a virus on my laptop. Naive much?
  • I have too many pet peeves. Some of them include people calling their laptops "lappy", PDA on Facebook etc. 
  • I have a love-hate relationship with bangs
  • I watch a lot of movies and try to balance it by reading books. Sadly, movies are winning this race right now!
  • If I like a TV show, I binge-watch it like a pro.
  • I loved Bollywood movies even before it was a cool thing to do

    Let's be BFFs!

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    Thank you so much for reading!

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