Three's a Charm ( My Afternoon-movies list)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This is the second series I'm planning to do every Thursday on my blog. I wanted to name it Three's a charm Thursday, but 1) It would be too long a name and 2) Too obvious, no? This is the last series, I promise. Indulge me, will you? 

I'm going to talk about my top three go-to afternoon movies. Afternoon movies are the movies that you watch on those lazy summer afternoons when you are home alone. The movies that you know won't distract you from your chores and yet keeps you occupied, like a good friend.

I love 70's Amitabh.This love story is so cute and takes me back to the simpler days.

Yup, I'm a goner for love stories. And this is one of my favourite ones. PS: Just look at that gorgeous 70's eye makeup.

You've got to love the hairy, pre-Americanized Anil Kapoor of the 80's. The chemistry between him and Amrita Singh is just adorable.

That's my three. I have more movies to add to this list, but then I'll have to change my series to Fifteen's a charm. It doesn't have the same ring now, does it? :) 

Do let me know what you think about the series and what your afternoon movie list looks like? 

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  1. Still can't believe I guessed mansil! Ofcourse we talk thaaaat much to know! Btw you much update your tv series/sitcoms too