Tuesday Trends

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
 My head is filled with information on pop culture and other information that I don't even want to know about like bulletproof coffee or how bone broth is the next big thing after Kale. That's my super power. Fear not, I will do all the research and googling on any subject that is on trend and will put it up here. So, you don't have to live in the fear of fomo. See, you wouldn't have known what FOMO is, but now you do ;) 

These things make for interesting dinner conversations with friends. Tuesday Trends is all about that. It's me giving out some precious information to you to use it to impress or bore someone with! And, this would also make me blog a little more regularly, I hope!

I am going to be talking about a book that everyone is talking about. 

Remember when everyone was talking about Gone Girl? Yup, now they are raving about this mystery book and if you don't have it on your Kindle or in your hand while sipping your coffee at Starbucks, then you are out! So, get on the Girl on the Train ride ( See, what I did there) and flaunt about it the next time you meet your girlfriends.

See ya next tuesday with another (unimportant but good-to-know) information!

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