Tuesday Trends - Podcasts

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
I am back with another new trend with Tuesday Trends. The era of podcasts. Well, this is not really a new trend because it's been around since the iPod days, but they have sorta made a comeback just like how the flared jeans have made a comeback in Fashion. The only difference between them being the fact that I actually love the comeback of Podcasts.

I guess, podcasts to me remind me of those golden days of radio when we would listen to banter of the RJ's on our way to college or to work. That's what I love about podcasts. I can just play them, while I am going about my everyday things. It must be perfect to listen to on long commutes or while being stuck in a traffic jam. I got into podcasts while listening to Serial. It's an investigative podcast on the 1999 murder of the high school student Hae Min Lee. And now, I have quite a few podcasts subscribed on iTunes. Here's a few that I enjoy:
  • Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing : It has short episodes where Mignon Fogarty tackles anything related to the English Language. She makes it short, sweet and fun. You can listen to it here
  • NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour : My daily fix on pop culture. 
  • Around the Table : It's two friends talking about books, England and life in general. You can listen to them here
If you don't have itunes, you can listen to podcasts on Stitcher and on Podcast Addict app for Android. Would you give podcasts a try? Yay or Nay..Would love to hear from you! 

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