Best Chocolate Shops In Columbus,Ohio

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I went around Columbus looking for the best chocolate shops, "trying" out chocolates because well, somebody had to do it! All four of these shops are locally-owned. So, these are as unique as they come. I love shopping local because it always leaves me with a good feeling and a happy smile, knowing that I am helping someone fulfill their dreams.

Here are my picks:

Pure Imagination Chocolatier
1205 Grandview Ave, Grandview, OH 43212 | (614) 448-3070
Located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Grandview, Pure Imagination has been in business for around 23 years. The man behind the counter happened to be the chocolatier himself, Daniel. A quick chat with him and I could see his enthusiasm for new, fresh ideas for his shop. Like, how he's been working on a Baklava Truffle to reflect his Greek roots. The chocolates are oh-so-pretty, like a work of art.  A self-taught chocolatier, he told me how his grandparents inspired him to open this shop. All chocolates here are made from premium Swiss couverture. Enough said!

Must Try: Try all of them, but make sure you try Theobroma. It is inspired by Chocolat's Mayan Hot Chocolate that Vianne makes. Theobroma has a nice spicy finish and will leave you with a just-right spicy, warm feeling in your throat. 

Anthony - Thomas Candy Shoppes

Anthony-Thomas Candy Company is a Columbus staple and rightfully so. They have been in business since 1926. I went to their factory store on a Tuesday, because I wanted to check out their factory tour. The best part was the amazing chocolote-y smell through out the factory. When Susan, the tour guide told me that chocolates run through the pipes, I died and went to chocolate heaven! 

Must Try: Try them all (Never discriminate against chocolates), but do try their Buckeyes and English Toffees. They are amazing! 

Le Chocoholique
601 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215 | (614) 223-4009

Located in Short North, this place always gives me a date-night/NYC vibe. It could be because of those gorgeous subway tiles and the sleek, stylish interior. There's also a little bar, where you can pair chocolates with wine or whatever fancies you at that moment. 

Must Try: Try all the truffles, if possible. I especially loved their Jack & Coke Truffle and Lucid Absynthe Truffle. And  their coffee was pretty good too. 

Eagle Family Candy 
4590 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214 | (614) 262-2255

Tucked away in High Street, it's easy to miss this old-fashioned, generational gem. Founded in 1946, it still has the old world charm and it takes you back in time. 

Must Try: Try them all, but definitely try their Milk Chocolate with vanilla inside. Yum! 

If you are visiting Columbus or live here, act like a local and visit these shops. 


  1. Chocolate! The word itself has magic powers... No wonder it's part of the romantic wooing. Looks like you had fun tasting it. If only I was in Columbus..

    1. I know ..We could have done the research together! Chocolates are truly magical :)

  2. Hi Flo, the things we have to do just for a blog post! I can imagine doing the research for this one was difficult and I thank you from the bottom of my green tinged heart.... Your post also made me realise that as much of a chocolate lover I think I am, I have never even set foot in a proper chocolate shop (Oh! the shame).

    My favourite out of the ones you've reviewed has to be the Eagle Family Candy, it looks less posh than the other shops and more inviting.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    1. Hi Deb, Thank you for stopping by :) I am happy I discovered #mmbc , it's been a pleasure reading all the new blogs. Yes, Eagle Family Candy has that old word charm!

      Maybe you could do a roundup of all the best chocolate shops in Greece. I would love to read about that and that'll give you a good reason to visit chocolate shops :)Yum!!

  3. Hey Flo, I may be slightly envious that I don't live nearer :)
    It's awesome to support a local business. We have an old fashioned sweet shop nearby and my boy is in his element when we go in. Although it's testing for me as I just want to try them all!

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday x