Favourites Of The Week

Friday, February 3, 2017

Favourites Of The Week

Here are some of my favourites that I have curated for your weekend read. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy :)

  • Social Media is good, but sometimes, I have to admit, it takes away my designated reading time. But what if, you could read 200 books in the time we spend on Social Media each year. Would you do it? Read about it here.

  • Friday Nights at our home:
          Me: So, what do you want to watch?
          Him: What do you want to watch? 
          Me: Thriller? 
          Him: Nah..Let's watch an action movie?
          Me: Nah..Let's do horror?
          Him: Nah...
          Me: So, what do you want to watch?
          Him: What do you want to watch?

You get the drift...

And this, right here, is a life-saver. Not only does the website give you suggestions based on genres (it even has a 90s themed genre) and mood, it also tells you where it is currently streaming or where you can rent it from. Go, take a look. Seriously, you will not be disappointed. 
  • How american malls looked in 1989. Read here for a dose of nostalgia. 
"Malls are not the center of our cultural sphere anymore. They're not new and shiny. We've moved on, and now we have the Internet." - Michael Galinsky

Hope you enjoyed reading them!

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